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Q. I would love my own private screening room with an 80” screen but who can afford that?

A. Private screening rooms are now more affordable than they were just a year ago!

For that real theater experience in your home why not start measuring your screen in feet instead of inches. Two piece front projection offers many advantages over rear projection television and size is the biggest one.

A high definition capable wide-screen front projection display with a six-foot wide screen can be installed for as little as $6500.00 taxes included. This is not some dim, poor color large screen display that you have seen in your local pub... -these bright accurate colors come from a 4.5-lb. box with a footprint less than one square foot, which can sit on your table or mount discreetly on the ceiling. When you’re not enjoying the pictures, roll the screen up and your room doesn’t look like it even has a television in it.

Q. I have heard these speakers and electronics in other stores and they never sounded this good? What is Musonic doing to make the gear sound this way?

A. We have used our Sencore 1/12 octave Real Time Analyzer to measure the acoustic characteristics of our listening rooms. Then we have treated the rooms accordingly to achieve a more equal (flat) frequency response. This often does not involve extreme expense to achieve these results. Proper measurement is the key to this result. The most esoteric equipment won’t sound its best in an unmeasured room.

Q. I have seen this television / projector elsewhere and it never looked this good. What is Musonic doing to make this video display look so film like and accurate?

A. Being an ISF certified dealer and using our Color analyzer we have calibrated these displays to display an accurate D 6500-degree Kelvin gray scale. Along with a precise geometry and convergence, controlled ambient room light and other adjustments we can get the best out of any video display device. Visit to learn what’s wrong with your video display as delivered from the factory.

Q. I have been told that I can put my subwoofer anywhere in the room because bass is non directional. Musonic says that this is not necessarily true. Why do you say that when everyone else says the opposite?

A. While its true that low frequencies can be difficult to localize below 80 Hz, the presence of Room Modes in typical residential listening rooms can make subwoofer placement critical to achieving tight defined bass that is not boomy or lien. The physical dimensions of length, width and height will cause certain frequencies especially in the bass region to build up and attenuate in different areas in the listening room. Seating locations, subwoofer placement, bass traps and room construction can all play an important role in smoothing out the bass response. Ask for the live subwoofer placement demo and listen for your self.

Q. I thought of adding lighting control to my theater space at home but the expense of dedicated wiring and installation was extreme. Is there any reliable way to achieve the lighting scenes and variable dimming rates with my existing wiring in my home?

A. Yes almost anyone can afford and enjoy the benefits of lighting control with products from Lutron. Simply replace your existing light switches with smart switches from Lutron and you can create that “cool” theater experience. Three circuits with all the necessary components can be purchased for as little as $1500.00 taxes included. Press a button on an easy to use learning remote control and the lights will dim slowly to the levels you pre-programmed for ”Movie Time”.